Appropriate day for a chunky knit

Spent the last two days almost phone free and read “skinny bitch” OMG was it the best, funniest, wittiest nutrition guide to real health. Seriously READ THAT BOOK GIRLS.
Now reading my school book “one flew over the cuckoos nest” very weird and interesting! Anyone read it?! I’ve just started 80/10/10 and uhhhhh I’m in love ☀️
 Oh and I’ve been living in these shorts by @princesspollyboutique ☀️💛🌸

I haven’t been posting a lot lately, only because I’m finding myself stuck in a spiral of school work. Today I have to rewrite and memorize my English speech, study for a maths exam, write a drama essay and rehearse/fix/make props for a drama performance. But the thing is, I could have easily completed all of these things last week, even the week before. I think the real thing I’m stuck in is me, my thoughts and my own actions. I’m changing, I no longer want to do certain things or be with certain people. It’s both exciting but draining, but I know I need to keep exploring this space..





the make up and tat

she was my fave mermaid 

i love her

Enjoying the warmth and free energy from the sun ☀️ with a new book and a berry banana creation 🍌🍓
Tomorrow could be the someday, you’ve been waiting for.
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Going away for a few nights with the fam to an island off Brisbane 😜 sooo excited! Had to make a quick stop at my local organics, to grab two pineapples, 2kgs of grapes, 20 little bananas, and 30 apples! All for $23?!? Uhhh in love with fresh fuel! Currently in the middle of 80/10/10 (book you should all check out) and I’m looooving how he explains nutrition in a full spectrum! ☀️⚡️ p.s my hair is wet so it looks ultra dark 😏